• Laura Steele

Business Networking During Lockdown

While we have an end in sight for the lockdown, there will still be a few more months until we can network properly again. However, just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t network. It just means we need to network differently. In 2021 there are more ways to stay connected than ever before.

In this blog post we share some ways you can do some successful business networking during lockdown.

Online Events

There are loads of online events out there and lots of in-person networking has moved online. Some are free to attend, others are membership events and some just charge a one-off fee. It’s a great chance to meet lots of people that you wouldn’t normally meet. Then those people you enjoy hearing from you can follow p with after the event.


When was the last time you spoke to your connections? Why not drop old contacts and past clients a friendly email to touch base. This will help you stay at the forefront of their mind if something comes up, but also if a friend asks them for a recommendation. Ask if they want to catch up on the phone or zoom with a cuppa one day.

Social Media

Look at the social media channels you are using and how they are working for you. Then consider new social media platforms too. Things like Instagram or TikTok for example. Maybe now is the time to start on YouTube too? Build up your social media presence, chat with followers, ask engaging questions and show examples of your work or testimonials.

Online Communities

As well as online events, look for online communities too. There are loads of businesses out there just like yours, and business owners just like you. An online community is a great place to help other people in business, ask questions and see that you’re really not alone. There are thousands of local small business owners in your area, get chatting to them.

The end is in sight, keep going. The work you do now will help you when the lockdown is over.

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