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How Are You Marketing Being A PSBA Finalist?

By now you’ll know if you’re a Peterborough Small Business Award finalist. You will have been pitted against hundreds of businesses, not to mention nominated out of the thousands of small businesses in Peterborough. Out of all these small businesses you and your business have been chosen as finalists for the Peterborough Small Business Awards 2020. Doesn’t that feel pretty special? Your customers and potential clients will think so too, so make sure you tell them.

In this blog post we would like to share some of the many ways that you can tell your target audience that you are a Peterborough Small Business Awards 2020 finalist.

Social Media

You will have received a logo that says that you are a Peterborough Small Business Awards 2020 finalist. Pop this on your social media pages for your business and personal pages. Tell your audience what category you are a finalist in, how it has made you feel and what is happening next. Invite your audience to join you on your journey. Add it to the award section on LinkedIn too, and then you can update it when you win in October!

Remember – there is a public vote so you’ll want to keep them aware and engaged for this time!


Use the logo on your website. This could be in the footer of your website or along the top of your website. Perhaps you have an area on your website where you have awards and accreditations? Add the logo to that part of your website. It’s a great achievement and helps you gain trust with your audience.

Think about a blog post for your website too. This is an article on your website that goes into more detail about the award. You should talk about the category you are finalist for and what the awards mean to you. Write about why you think you have been made a finalist and how your business has grown to be recognised in this way.


Do you send out newsletters to your subscribers? In your next newsletter include a part about being an award finalist. This could be something like a line from you and how being a finalist has made you feel. If you have written a blog post then you could link to this too. Alternatively, you may just choose to pop the logo at the base of the email newsletter?

Think about putting your finalist logo in your email signature too. This way when your potential customers get an email from you, they will be able to see that you are a great business in Peterborough. The finalist logo could be the extra nudge they need to make the decision between you and a competing business.

Think about your local media too. Contact the newspapers in your local area with your great news. If your business has offices in other areas or the business began outside the PE area then let the local press in that area know too. Try and contact your local radio too. Do you have any industry magazines that might want to share your story? Why not drop them a line to find out. Good news stories are really popular, especially at the moment!

Remember to contact our press partners at Peterborough Matters with any news stories, although they are actively reaching out to finalists they can't write about your news without knowing about it!


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