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Top Three Reasons Your Busines Should Sponsor An Awards Event

Here at Peterborough Small Business Awards we have two amazing awards events that take place in Peterborough each year. These are incredible events where local business come together and they are recognised for their achievements in business and the local community. The award events are extremely popular every year and a much-awaited date on the calendar for many business owners too.

Each of our awards and parts of the event are sponsored by businesses. In this blog we would like to share just some of the reasons that your business should sponsor an awards event.

·-Give Something Back

Sponsoring an awards event is a great way of giving something back to the community. Those businesses that sponsor award events are sending out a clear message that they are an active part of the local community and care about those businesses in their community. Showing your company is a company that cares is a huge tick in the box for potential customers. It shows you are ‘real’ not just another corporate entity.

· Get Exposure & Brand Awareness

Not only will your business name be mentioned throughout the evening, your logo is on the screen throughout the evening too. You’ll have details about your business in the awards brochure and your logo is at the entrance of the event too. However, in the run up to the event your logo is across the website and social media. You can mention your sponsorship in the local press too. Your business and brand will be well known by those attending the event and their audiences too.

· Networking

If your target audience local small businesses, then what better opportunity to get in front of them than by sponsoring the Peterborough Small Business Awards? You’ll have a room full of potential clients that have already seen your name, business and brand. They’ll respect you as an event or award sponsor and be willing to chat with you. This is your chance to promote your business over the competition.

When choosing an event to sponsor for your business think about what you want to gain. Look at the values of your company and the values of the event to ensure they match.

However, think about your target audience and if they are the sorts of people attending the event? If they are, then you should definitely look into sponsoring that event. You’ll enjoy every moment and it’ll be great for business too.

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