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Top Tips For Writing A Press Release

The Peterborough Small Business Awards ceremony is over, but that doesn’t mean that the excitement of the event is over. If you were a finalist, highly commended or award winner on the night then why not write a press release about it?

Your press release can then be sent to the local press, industry relevant magazines, local magazines and membership websites such as Chamber of Commerce, FSB and similar.

In this blog post we have put together some simple steps for you to follow to create a press release about your success at the Peterborough Small Business Awards, don’t forget if you don’t have the time or skills to write the press release yourself, you could get someone else to do it for you. We would recommend last year’s overall winner; Hazel of Creative Content Company.

When it comes to a press release it needs to be newsworthy. Winning an award is very newsworthy and makes for the perfect ‘good news’ piece in the media. A press release also needs to be well timed. There is no point writing a press release for an event that happened 6 months ago. Get your press release written now and you’ll be far more likely to see it in print.

It’s important that you grab the attention of the editor, journalist or reader of the press release. It’s a good idea to have a teaser at the top of the email that tells the reader what to expect from the press release. You also need to have a strong headline suggestion that grabs the reader’s attention; gain this needs to be catchy and to the point.

Make sure you attach a really good high resolution photo that they can use to go with the article. This will look great in the newspaper or magazine, but it will also grab the attention of people reading the article as the photo will stop them in their tracks.

It is essential that you include your contact details. The press release or email could be forwarded from one person to another. We would recommend that you include the press release as an attachment to the email, as well as copied into the email. Make sure you put your name, business name, email address and contact number on the email and the attachment.

Including a quote is a great idea too. Ideally this would be a quote from you and how you feel about the awards and your achievement. You could also include a quote from the Peterborough Small Business Awards committee; just contact us directly if this is something you would like.

As we have said before and we will say again – being a finalist in the Peterborough Small Business Awards is a massive achievement and something you should be very proud of. Shout it from the rooftops and make sure your target audience know how great your business is!

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