• Laura Steele

Where To Display Your Finalist Logo?

We have said this time and time again before. If you are a finalist this is a huge deal. There are thousands of businesses in and around Peterborough. Yet, your business was chosen as a finalist. That means you must be pretty awesome. So, shout about it.

In this blog post we want to talk about your PSBA finalist logo and where you have put it. You may have been shouting about the award you are a finalist for and think you have put your logo everywhere. But perhaps you have missed somewhere in the excitement?

Below we have shared the places we think your PSBA finalist logo should be. We would love to see photos of where yours is. If you have put yours somewhere that we haven’t listed below then tell us. We would love to hear your ideas too.

On Your Door

If you have a business premises, then make sure you use some of the marketing goodies we sent you. These can be used on counters, in your door or around your business. Show customers and clients visiting you that you’re a finalist. Pop some details with it to encourage them to vote for you too.

On Your Emails

Is your PSBA finalist logo in your email? Why not pop the logo in your email signature. Make it linkable too. That way if people click on it to find out more, they will be taken to our website where they can vote for you. Alternatively, pop some text with the logo and ask people to vote for you. Make sure you share the link to make it easy for them.

On Your Website

The footer of your website is a great place for award logos and accreditations. Visitors to your website will look at your business and what you do. Often, they will then scroll to the bottom of the page to get your contact details. Having your finalist logo just next to this could be enough to seal the deal on their potential purchase from you.

On Your Leaflets

Your leaflets are given out to promote your business and offerings. Having your PSBA finalist’s logo on the leaflet too helps build trust. It tells your potential customer that you are an awesome business in Peterborough. If they have received two leaflets, it could be your logo that helps them make their decision for you instead of your competition.

On Your Newsletter

If you send out an email newsletter or even a printed newsletter, make sure you have your PSBA finalist logo on it. For a printed newsletter this boosts trust, as it does for the leaflet. However, for your online or email newsletter you can include that essential link to enable the reader to vote for you. It will still help boost that trust too.

We look forward to seeing photos of where you have put your PSBA finalist logo. Don’t forget to share the photos on social media and tag us in the post too.

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