• Laura Steele

Why Small Businesses Rock

Here at Peterborough Small Business Awards we think small businesses rock. That’s why we run small business awards. To recognise those amazing small businesses that are doing incredible things. On our website you’ll see you can purchase a Shop Small Peterborough window decal to put up in your business – to show your support for local small businesses that rock.

So, why do small businesses in Peterborough rock?

Small businesses represent a whopping 99.7% of all employer firms. Reports show that since 1995, small businesses are responsible for creating nearly 65% of all new jobs. Without the success of these small business millions of people would be out of work. That’s just one reason that small businesses rock!

Many small businesses bring a great deal of innovation to field or market too. It’s their very essence to be in more direct contact with their consumers and the general public. This means they better understand what their consumers want, how they want it and at what cost. Very often, this level of understanding can’t be gained by large businesses and organisations who don’t have this unique and direct engagement with their audience. Smaller businesses can also offer new products or services quicker than a large organisation can.

Small businesses will often be more adaptable too. As consumer demand shifts, small businesses are on the front line. They can see the changes and have the ability to quickly adapt their offering to suit the changing market. In times of economic downturn, like the pandemic for example, consumers will be more loyal and supportive towards those small local businesses too.

You will often find that small businesses appreciate local consumers, and they’re keen to keep their business purchases local too. They work hard to support fellow small businesses and local business community as a whole. In turn, this helps stimulate and grow the local economy and benefits the entire community. Money is spent locally and stays locally too.

While we believe that small businesses rock, we also know that not all small businesses stay small. Household names like Nike, Ebay and Microsoft all started small and are now incredible well-known. As the small businesses grow, they offer jobs to people in the local community. This results in a better local community for everyone.

If you believe that small businesses rock too, then make sure you support your local businesses. Choose the local shop instead of the large online organisations and go for dinner at your local family pub instead of the big chains.

Drop us a line to order your Small Businesses Rock window decal to put up in your business. If you really want to support small businesses, why not speak to us about sponsoring a small business award?

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